The aim of ANCEI Training and Research is to constitute a channel of communication between government and civil society whose needs wants to satisfy in line with the socio-cultural changes that are taking place which, on one hand are wearing the professions, and on the other hand they encourage the search for appropriate countermeasures and increase the value of training, making cultural investment functional in relation to a society that can be described as increasingly cognitive. In fact, any intervention in the economy requires management of the human capital resource: a resource that has more value and potential if it is able to express skill and know-how: skills (expertise, abilities) and competence. Therefore, it is essential to pinpoint any possible training need in order to plan interventions to address the existing gap. Youth education is the guardian of hope. Training is the best response to the crisis. Culture is still the best investment for the future of a place called Italy. Becoming a man and a citizen, the advantages of solidarity, education for life and the role of labor as a means of education, dialogue with nature intended as an educational and technological innovation, are priorities which ANCEI intends to follow.

Renewing the Italian pedagogic culture in a creative way in the presence of globalization, a complex society and a society with knowledge.
Rethinking education and training during the age of the Internet and new digital media to combine civil and political commitment with innovation and technological networks, a sense of living together with being a European citizen and a citizen of the world .
To rediscover the fun of learning and teaching, which takes us back to the etymology of the word studium that derives from the word studere, which means ‘to desire’. Education, instruction and training capable of inspiring desire. This can be said of a training centre that rehabilitating its senses finds its meaning, restoring the pleasures of education, revives knowledge.

In its training ANCEI pursues ways to open doors to cultural innovation, addressing that part of the population at risk of being marginalized by the transformations that relate to employment or who has not yet entered into employment training, and giving them job opportunities in step with the new technological realities oriented towards the ‘learn production’. The target areas are education, training and culture, where the adjustment to new technologies, new methods of service delivery and the organization of new systems proved more difficult than in the industrial sector where the perception of changes has taken place more efficiently. The aim is to use training to help build a new sense of citizenship that does not exclude anybody, in a world full of others, but where there is no other. An inclusion which is not without identity. In fact, after freedom and equality today there is a need for the ideal of identity. The solution that is usually proposed, even for training and education, is to act locally and think globally; that is to take advantage of the local training institutions and schools which are in contact with their communities and give them the responsibility and the commitment of "civil education " in their area, but at the same time, they will be acting in harmony with the networks that globalize them.

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