ANCEI is Mission

Our mission is to use research and new methodologies to contribute to the constant updating of the pedagogic culture which constitutes the resource, the cognitive capital of our activities.

ANCEI provides training and school personnel, and that of the entire territory with constant updating through:

  • Information on the progress of scientific research, covering the whole range of educational sciences;
  • Development of educational methods of intervention on the field, according to the criterion of action research;
  • The construction of specific educational-teaching programs.

In particular, for over twenty years, we have been working on:

  • Developing quality training;
  • Implementing projects in and outside Europe for lifelong learning, also available in e-Learning;
  • Implementing an informative-training system for the employment of young people, women, and the weaker section of the society;
  • Helping to set up together with schools, universities, businesses, the sector/branch network of the life-long learning;
  • Helping to develop cooperation between universities, research centers and companies in Italy, Europe and outside europe to develop innovative production activities.
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