Business Counseling and Training

For over twenty years, we have offered business counseling and continuing education. Our expertise concerns mainly the following areas:

  • Organizational counseling;
  • Continuing Education;
  • Apprenticeship.

Our personalized interventions are tailored to the demand of companies, through integrated methods: analysis of training needs and skills, counseling assistance, specialized training given through effective annual training plans. Some of our service areas are:

  • Counseling on the analysis of processes, business organization projects and human resources;
  • Continuing and mandatory education;
  • Legal counseling;
  • Apprenticeship training;
  • Planning and developing training activities;
  • Training needs analysis;
  • Assistance for the use of funding for training.

Professional Apprenticeship:

Courses for a technical / vocational certification through training on the field, the development of basic and transversal skills. ANCEI Education and Research is also certified by the Lazio Region for the allocation of provisions to companies that offer training courses for professional apprenticeships, pursuant to art. 4, paragraph 4 of the Regional Law 7/2007 and the approved Notice with Directorial Determination n. 0364 of 05/02/2008. The apprenticeship agreement is an employment contract resulting from educational training because the company is expected to train the apprentice during his employment. This training takes place both within the company through practice sessions, and through participation to specific educational projects that take place elsewhere. The CCNL of the tertiary sector,allocation and services, established a number of 120 hours of yearly mandatory training for apprentices and approved a contract period ranging from 24 to 48 months. At the end ofthe amount of time regulated by the agreement, the contract can either be turned into permanent employment or it can be concluded. The apprenticeship contracts may be stipulated by employers belonging to all productive sectors. In the meantime, the ones who may benefit from these contracts are individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 who are looking for employment.For employers who sign professional apprenticeship contracts, the special terms andeconomic incentives take the form of a significant tax relief. The economic and legal advantages of may be summarized as: exemption of contributions, streamlining of the procedures of contract stipulation, higher expertise of human resources. The only obligation is observance of the rules of the collective labor agreement in force.The young resource that will be employed with a contract of professional apprenticeship will not only get right into the business world but will also benefit from a training opportunity to develop his professional abilities. The only requirement is the obligation to attend the training provided.

The training must include the following:

  • The formation of a company tutor (you need a specific tutor every five†apprentices);
  • The participation on the part of each apprentice to 120 hours per year of formal training;
  • The training of the Company Tutor IS AIMED TO TEACH the skills required for the development and management of the apprentice’s individual training plan, which amounts to16 hours, and it doesn’t take place within the company but in certified training centers.

The 120 hours of formal training for apprentices include the following:

  • Training on the basic and transversal contents (42 hours);
  • Training for the acquisition of sector-specific professional skills (24 hours);
  • Training for the acquisition of specialized professional skills (54 hours).

The formal training on basic, transversal and sector-specific contents (66 hours) will not take place within the company but in certified training centers. The formal training on specialized professional contents (54 hours) can be
performedwithin the company, if it meets the training requirements in line with the new RegulationImplementation of the Lazio Region. If these requirements canít be met it will take place in certified training centers. All the contents of formal training, including the Individual Training Plan thatthe ‘Company annually prepares for his apprentice, have to be developed in line with theinstructions from the regional classification of the training profiles for professional apprenticeships.

ANCEI has developed a specific training offer for its member companies that includes:


The training may take place through Distance Learning.



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