Networking and Companies

  • European network of lifelong learning training.

Todayís technologies allow for the existence of an increasingly dense and intricate network between individuals and groups, of an uninterrupted flow of information in real time and in the system of relations. The interactivity found in the new communication technologies allows for a varied, personalized and specific use, because, even if identical messages are sent to millions of people, it is possible for the individual to adapt it to his needs and to transform it into knowledge.

It is also possible to form groups which bring together their skills and knowledge. In the fifties the processing and interchange of knowledge involved a minority of experts, the contents were interpreted primarily in academic and institutional contexts. Todayís new technologies give all individuals access to knowledge. Multimedia, virtual reality, computer networks, digital satellites, the Internet, modify the processes of the spreading of knowledge but also the ways in which it is acquired. These changes encourage the transition from a society of information to a cognitive society. It ‘s a revolution based on information, which allows human intelligence to acquire new skills and poses new questions for individuals, educational institutions, the productive economy and the political world. Networking is a key element of our way of spreading educational, business and job opportunities.

Networking with schools, universities, institutions, businesses in order to:

  • Inform our members and partners (schools, businesses, universities, experts ..) on government competitions and events related to the formation through a periodic newsletter;
  • Network and give visibility to our partners, not only the local ones but also the European partners, through a specific website;
  • Arrange regular meetings on specific issues related to education and training both at a European and at an international level;
  • Assist our partners and associates in order for them to earn the certification of quality training;
  • Assist our partners to observe the safety regulations in the workplace.
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