Counseling Pedagogic Department

ANCEI provides trainees with counseling sessions, which offers an individualized support for future choices. In particular we provide useful tools for trainees to understand how to act in the vast and complex world of training and work. Our approach is based on the fundamental concept that the “innovative” techniques of information and career orientation are specific notions that only a specialist can give, because once the trainer understands the trainees’ needs and skills, he must be able to provide guidance to choose a career that suits the individual’s behavior and skills and that will have a significant impact on the trainees’ choices for his future life. Counseling sessions are available to trainees, unemployed youths, unemployed people and to all those who want to retrain or upgrade to:

  • explain the life-long learning opportunities in relation to the individualís characteristics, habits and interests;
  • support trainees during periods of transition from school to work (writing a curriculum vitae, job application, job interview, etc..) And from school to school (transition from school to higher education and university);
  • inform young people on the best way to find information and training according to their areas of interest.

The counseling services include individual or group interviews according to the requests, sessions to acquire insight on particular issues and meetings with experts.

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