Cultural Relations and Exchange

ANCEI promotes i n t e r n a t i o n a l cultural relations and exchange especially with the U.S. and China. This cultural
exchange may involve classes, students, young ones, and adults who have the desire to acquire a global knowledge.
We firmly believe that: “The widest distribution possible of ideas and knowledge through a cultural exchange is essential to man’s creativity and to the complete the development of an individual and of society as a whole. The basis of international cultural cooperation should be characterized by the respect for cultural identity, the recognition of the dignity and importance of all cultures, independence and national sovereignty. Consequently, the cooperative relations among countries have to avoid any form of subordination or replacement of one culture with another.It ‘s also essential to restore a balance between cooperation and cultural exchanges in order for the least known cultures, especially those of some developing countries, to be known more widely in all the countries”.

How to join the Networking Europe:

Joining the Networking Europe will give you the opportunity to help promote all training, retraining, counseling and planning of innovative educational courses, and you will be involved firsthand in the creation of projects for the development of the associationís goals. The registration fee for teachers and principals is Euros 20.00. The registration fee for schools is Euros 80.00.

The ‘membership entitles you to:

  • Subscription to the bimonthly magazine “Beyond Borders”.
  • Participate in training courses and free upgrading recognized by M.I.U.R.
  • Participate in the development and management of European, national and regional projects, with the aim of offering counseling, training and work.
  • Administrative, legal, trade union Counseling.

The banking and / or postal details of ANCEI Training and Research are the following: N. of Post Office Account: 68310002 - PAYABLE TO: A.N.C.E.I. N. of Bank Checking Account: Banca di Credito Cooperativo Bank in Rome - Agency. No. 16 - c / cpayable to: A.N.C.E.I. No. 2483 IBAN code: IT 23 J 08 327 03 207 000 000 002 483

To enable us to identify with certainty the source of the credit transfer, in the reason for payment you need to include the following in capital letters: NAME AND SURNAME or NAME OF SCHOOL, REGION, CITY ‘- registration- 2012/2013

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