National Headquarter

The national headquarter are located in central Rome - Via Don Orione, 8.

The facility covers about 3000 square meters and consists of:

  • 16 classrooms with a capacity of 20-40 seats each;
  • 1 library;
  • 1 seminar room with a capacity of 80-100 seats;
  • 1 auditorium with a capacity of 200 seats;
  • 1 classroom for career counseling and psychological counseling;
  • 1 registrarís office;
  • 1 headmasterís office;
  • 1 administration office;
  • 1 managerís office;
  • 1 counseling office for research and project planning;
  • 3 laboratories for professions related to wellness (beauticians, hairdressers);
  • Two computer labs with (16/18 PCs) connected to Internet access.

The classrooms are comfortable and equipped with innovative technological tools such as the IWB (Interactive Whiteboard), a computer and a projector to use slides and videos as teaching aids during the lesson; all classrooms are connected with lan and Wireless network. The center is also certified by Lazio under the DGR 968 for Higher Education, Continuing, Counseling and Special Utilities. There are also a coffe shop with tables and chairs, a large courtyard closed to vehicles and a parking space.

Maria Montessori
Sede Nazionale

Via Giuseppe Govone, 2
Cap. 00159 - Roma (RM)
Tel. +39 06/7025678 - Fax. +39 06/43562574