Our Target

The target group of our educational activities, in a life-long learning perspective, is characterized by all those who want to acquire or increase their culture, their education, their professional training.

In particular, we address:

  • Schools that offer guidance and curricular integration to their students;
  • Young people who have completed the compulsory levels of education;
  • Unemployed / non worker with or without a diploma who would like to acquire basic skills and certificates; 
  • Workers or layoffs who would like to acquire basic skills, certificates, upgrading, master;
  • Staff of the Public Administration for the conversion of skills through a master or through a specialization;
  • Teachers and school managers who would like to update their teaching methods.

We provide training both as a private entity and in agreement with the government (Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, University and Research, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities).

Maria Montessori
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