• ANCEI was founded in 1988;
  • ANCEI is an organization with Legal Status of Private Law (DGR26/6/1990);
  • ANCEI is a non-profit organization and operates without ethnic, ideological and denominational distinctions;
  • ANCEI is a professional organization of teachers and headmasters;
  • ANCEI operates under the principles of social solidarity and voluntary participation of anyone who believes in the European dimension of culture and in the centrality of the school in relation with the territory;
  • ANCEI is certified from MIUR for the training and upgrading of school personnel;
  • In 2000, together with the Goodwill Southwestern Pennsylvania ANCEI founded the non-profit Goodwill Italia Onlus;
  • Goodwill Italia Onlus is a partner of Goodwill Industries International;
  • ANCEI is a partner and board member of the Italian Cultural Institute of Pennsylvania (USA);
  • ANCEI is a partner of G.P.C.C. (Greater Pittsburgh Cultural Center);
  • ANCEI is a partner of CETE- China Education & Training Europe;
  • ANCEI is certified ISO 9001 - Sector 37 EA management in quality research methods, training and service delivery;
  • ANCEI is a supporter of I.T.S. Technical Superior Institute - sector ICT/ Energy sources and Environment Umbria Region and Lazio Region;
  • ANCEI is an ECDL Test Center;
  • ANCEI is Test Center - Cambridge English Language Assessment;
  • ANCEI is Net Academy CISCO;
  • ANCEI has the following separate units:
    • Lazio: Rome, Frosinone, Rieti, Viterbo, Latina;
    • Lombardy: Milan, Brescia;
    • Molise: Campobasso, Venafro, Termoli;
    • Campania: Caserta;
    • Friuli: Udine;
    • Umbria: Todi, Gubbio;
    • Abruzzo: Vasto, L’Aquila;
    • Apulia: Bari;
    • Piemonte: Vercelli, Torino;
    • Usa: Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh.
  • ANCEI is Rome headquarter is certified by the Lazio Region under the DGR 968 (Higher Education, Continuing Education, Counseling and Special Services) and it also operates in detached sections of Frosinone, Viterbo, Rieti, Latina;
  • ANCEI is an ICT (Information Communication Technology) training centre of the Lazio Region;
  • ANCEI headquarter in Venafro (Isernia) is certified by the Molise Region for Higher Education, Continuing Education, Counseling and Special Services.

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