Security Department

Since February 2012 ANCEI has founded the security department, coordinated by a certified expert in the field approved by the Italian and the foreign Police Department and by the Armed Forces. The aim of the Security Department is to create, thanks to sector specific cooperators, programs for training, professional upgrading, and retraining for local Police Agents and Officials and of all Police operators belonging to both private and public Police.

The necessary reform of the local Police at a national level through the adjustment of the Outline Law 65/1986, along with the regional law of Lazio January 13, 2005, showed the impossibility to procrastinate the turning of the training commitment into a serious one, one open to ideas, responsible and flexible in relation to local Police throughout the territory. Considering the need for a reform of the Policeís Professional Ethics, one that is totally
different from the many Anglo-Saxon patterns which are incompatible with our urban reality, ANCEI has developed an advanced training program also made of workshops and seminars that will be carried out in cooperation with the several control centers, according to the needs identified.


  • Instructor of techniques and operational tactics
  • Basic techniques and operational tactics
  • Safe driving - Preparatory
  • Operational Guide
  • Anti-aggression Spray
  • Tactical baton
  • Arresting techniques and acts of court bailiffs: investigative interrogation
  • Course of Police Instructors of Self Defense


  • Maroni decree (ex Bouncers)
  • Beginnerís Course for GPG PROPAEDEUTIC
  • Advanced Course for GPG
  • Supervision And Transportation of valuable
  • Course for Security Advisors
  • Beginnerís Course of Investigation
  • Safety for Airlinesí Personnel
  • Safety for Naval Companiesí Personnel
  • Airport Surveillance
  • Port Surveillance
  • Railway Surveillance
  • Tramway Surveillance
  • Anti-aggression Spray

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